Eskadron Classic Sports Summer 2019 saddle cloths

Saddle pads & saddle cloths – what is it, types of saddle pads

Saddle pad – sizes and general specification

Examples of Eskadron’s saddle cloths

Saddle pad is part and parcel of equestrian equipment. Its main task is to protect your horse’s back from chafing. What is more, it should absorb moisture and protect the saddle from it. Usually it is made of synthetic materials or cotton. Saddle pads are made in various sizes and shapes that respond to the saddle’s type under which they go. So, which one to choose for your own needs?

According to a producer, saddle pads can have various size charts. For Kingsland you will usually find Dressage or Jumping size. Some models for a particular discipline can have Pony or Full sizes. For Eskadron the size chart is more complicated and usually you can find it as follows:

  • P – is the basic saddle pad for small jumping and versatile saddles;
  • PD – is a profile dedicated for small dressage saddles;
  • DL – is a typical saddle pad for dressage saddles;
  • VSD – is a saddle pad with dressage/versatile profile;
  • VSS – is a saddle pad with jumping-versatile profile. It is usually used with jumping saddles;
  • SR – is a type of a jumping saddle pad that has a special shape with rounded lines. It’s a profile resembling a tear which is why it is sometimes called a tear saddle pad;
  • VS – this profile is for versatile saddles. It is sometimes call a general-use saddle pad.

It’s also good to mention size chart of Italian brand Equiline, because it is significantly different from typical sizes and cuts.

  • Jumping profiles:
  1. N – it’s a typical jumping profile (suitable for jumping and versatile saddles);
  2. S – jumping profile cut in the shape of a saddle;
  3. H – the so-called tear, a counterpart for Eskadron’s SR.
Eskadron Classic Sports Saddle Cloth Summer 2019
Eskadron’s jumping saddle cloth from summer 2019 collection
  • Dressage profiles:
  1. DN – classic dressage profile;
  2. DNX – longer dressage saddle pad;
  3. DS – dressage profile shaped as a saddle (the so-called dressage-saddle profile).
 Animo Italia's classic dressage saddle cloth
Animo Italia’s classic dressage saddle cloth
  • Pony Profiles:
  1. P – jumping profile for small saddles;
  2. PDN – dressage profile for small saddles.

There are thin cotton saddles and thicker saddles with padding available on the market. A thicker saddle pad with padding will be better at protecting the horse’s back but you will have worse contact. At the same time it will be more comfortable. For some it’s an advantage, for some it’s the opposite. You can also find saddle pads with fur, which has additional function as an absorber and as a decoration. Choosing a saddle pad is mostly your own personal preferences. However, you should remember that it also needs to be made of high quality materials to work properly. It should also be delicate on the bottom not to irritate the horse’s skin.