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Horse riding breeches – what is it?

Many of you know that breeches are simply riding pants. However, have you ever wondered how it happened that today they have just such a cut? Do you know, for example, that breeches come from the Napoleonic army? Of course, they were not exactly such breeches as in the offer of today’s equestrian stores, but they were the prototype and even though their cut has evolved over the years and has been adapted to the sporting requirements, more classic breeches are still used in military horse troops.

What types of breeches can be distinguished today? First of all, we must mention the so-called grip. It is a specially reinforced piece of breeches, often made of a material that significantly increases friction, and therefore the rider’s grip on the saddle. For breeches designed for jumping over obstacles, it will usually be a knee grip, while for full-grip dressage.

Besides, today’s breeches offer abounds in a very wide range of colours. What colour should you choose? This, of course, depends on the occasion. For stables and daily training, you can choose whatever colour you want. You should choose white or cream for the competition.

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