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Unveiling the Exquisite KEP Italia Helmets Collection: Where Innovation Meets Equestrian Tack

KEP Italia, an illustrious Italian company, has carved a niche in producing superior helmets ideal for every horseback ride. With a blend of innovation, style, and adherence to safety standards, KEP Italia helmets have become a hallmark of quality and trust in the equestrian market. This article unfolds the journey of KEP Italia, explores the design and technology behind their helmets, and why they stand as a beacon of safety and style. It’s a ride through the essence of KEP Italia, illuminating the path they’ve trotted to offer helmets that resonate with the phrase “safety in style”.

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Studs ready to use in horseshoe

Horse studs – length, shape, type. How to pick the right caulkins for your horse?

Caulkin – lengths, types, shapes. How to pick the right caulkins for your horse?

Horseshoes are used mostly to protect and strengthen the surface of the horse’s hooves from abrasion. Shoes are usually made of steel or other very durable metal alloys and they work perfectly for horses, who often walk on hard grounds. However, horseshoe cannot provide proper grip, which might be dangerous especially for sport horses. Shoed horses are more prone to leg injuries that have to do with losing adhesion of the hoof to the ground. For such horses, it is recommended to use shoes with screwed holes that are filled with the so-called horse studs or calks. The task of a caulkin is to improve the grip of the horse’s limbs to the surface on which he is moving.

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Kingsland Plum Women's Breeches & Riding Pants

Horse riding breeches – what is it?

Many of you know that breeches are simply riding pants. However, have you ever wondered how it happened that today they have just such a cut? Do you know, for example, that breeches come from the Napoleonic army? Of course, they were not exactly such breeches as in the offer of today’s equestrian stores, but they were the prototype and even though their cut has evolved over the years and has been adapted to the sporting requirements, more classic breeches are still used in military horse troops.

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Eskadron Classic Sports Summer 2019 saddle cloths

Saddle pads & saddle cloths – what is it, types of saddle pads

Saddle pad – sizes and general specification

Examples of Eskadron’s saddle cloths

Saddle pad is part and parcel of equestrian equipment. Its main task is to protect your horse’s back from chafing. What is more, it should absorb moisture and protect the saddle from it. Usually it is made of synthetic materials or cotton. Saddle pads are made in various sizes and shapes that respond to the saddle’s type under which they go. So, which one to choose for your own needs?

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saddle on horse's back

The way to make every saddle healthy for your horse

Whatever your current using willpower will be, some sort of well-fitting saddle makes it possible for ones horse’s pure flexibility of motion. Furthermore, it can help you look for a proper or maybe more useful using situation. Because proper seat suit can be so crucial, take into account calling an expert saddle fitter intended for help following employing these types of suggestions, or perhaps at the very least get yourself a minute thoughts and opinions through your horse’s coach, animal medical practitioner as well as chiropractor doctor. Continue reading “The way to make every saddle healthy for your horse” »

How much money you should have to be a horse rider?

Horse riding is one in all the foremost popular activities which will be represented as a hobby among hobby classification to the most dear and the most exacting action from the one that wants to urge started with horses. Equestrian requires not only the correct quantity of money, however additionally and particularly love for horses and for this kind of activity. For this it is necessary to the performance, because contrary to appearances, this is not as simple because it appears. You furthermore may would like a riding instrumentation i would like to buy a special store, such as equestrian shop where we can notice a lot of interesting accessories. Continue reading “How much money you should have to be a horse rider?” »

What you need to know about horses?

Horse riding is a fun job, but you have to understand a lot. What is the most important thing to learn about it? – pay attention. These elements are noticeably in spite of appearances, however of course the foremost necessary issues is the dress, which, for instance, equestrian helmets. It is important that they’re of ample quality. First, the dress. It is not necessary to instantly dress up as for the competition. Attire should be in darker colors and close to the body, however do not impede movement. Darker, as a result of after a visit to the stables and therefore the riding are on the dirt and hair, and adjacent to horse shied your jacket wave in the wind. Contrary to what are often seen in Westerns – handsome cowboys denim pants – just use a soft track suit to avoid painful abrasions. Shoes are essential – full, with non-skid soles and no jutting components (eg. Language) and best – while not laces that can be resolved while driving. In every faculty, riding also are on the market for rent or toques helmets to guard the pinnacle. Continue reading “What you need to know about horses?” »

Equipment for jockeys

Jockey who intends to saddle a horse and go for a ride in opening move should get special equipment. It isn’t simply jockey garments, but additionally the accesories on the horse, that helps to keep control and guarantee safe. Useful reins, saddle, breeches and different accessories. Counting on wherever you’re going and what sport riding do you like, you can get the ornaments on the horse. Driving on mountain inclines needs robust equipment. In contrast, riding on the track, where speed is very important, the instrumentality ought to be very light. For normal driving on training you also ought to prepare, then again do not wear a sublime outfit – just comfortable consumer goods. This will be found in equestrian shop. You will find also several alternative helpful extras to assist in going horse riding.

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